Complaint Letter on Spanish "Bad Bank"

Sir, Madam,

We are extremely concerned with the news on the proposed “Bad Bank”, which should act as a cleaner of the Spanish banks balance sheets, freeing them from their real state burdens and allowing them to continue with their daily activity. This mechanism is to obtain the required resources from the Spanish and European taxpayer, an unfortunate need only acceptable in the face of the potential benefits it could have on the Spanish economy and consequently, on the overall credibility of the Eurozone and the whole of the European Union.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly evident that the Spanish government has its own plans regarding this “Bad Bank”, plans which deviate from what should be considered of interest for the citizens of Spain and Europe. Judging by the information made available regarding the creation of this financial mechanism, it is clear that the Spanish government has no interest in allowing a correction in the price of the toxic real estate assets contained in the balances of the Spanish banking system.

Far from it, the Spanish government seems to be planning on using the financial muscle provided to sustain the current prices of the toxic assets. The consequences of this misuse of the mechanism are certainly of enough magnitude as to justify our legitimate concern and that of all European taxpayers.

First and foremost, this situation would prevent the required correction in the Spanish real estate market from taking place. This goes directly against the stated goal of increasing the competitiveness of the Spanish economy, as high housing costs prevent job mobility and decrease the disposable income of many Spanish workers to little more than zero.

It is not only Spanish taxpayers who should worry about their savings, but every European taxpayer too since banks would sell their toxic “assets” at a “long term value” far superior to current market prices. At the present market conditions this would turn the “Bad Bank” into a brick freezer, as no massive real estate sales to private investors can be expected with such inflated prices. The efforts by the Spanish and European taxpayers would be thus wasted.

For Spain, this scenario would leave an even more impoverished work force, a grim outlook for the industry of the country, which would have found a much needed helping hand in the fall of the housing costs, and an even more indebted government.

For Europe, this scenario means wasting hundreds of billions of taxpayer money on funding the Spanish banks for no gain, and preventing the Spanish economy from recovering, which would further fuel the doubts and speculations regarding the future of the Eurozone as a viable entity.

We, as a humble collective of individuals who aspire to see Spain and Europe returning to the path to prosperity, sincerely hope you will aid us in getting the situation back on track, as it in its present state it directly collides with the interests of our country and its European allies and friends.

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